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Company Profile

We characterize ourselves as people of action. Our Company’s profile is expressed by the tens of our employees in the field in the variety of services that we provide to our customers: major institutions and private customers. What motivates us is the manner in which our end users experience our diverse services, and above all, our ability to grant our customers the peace of mind that allows them to engage in what is really important to them.

We are Jerusalemites, and all which that implies. We are ethical people: people of work and action instead of words – we are the pepole who do. On these foundations, the Yamit company was founded in 1978, on Shammai Street in the city’s center. In the beginning, the Company was engaged in providing protection and security for numerous major institutions, among them state institutions and government ministries as well as hospitals, and also for private companies. Over the years, we have grown and our activities have expanded to providing comprehensive services in the areas of parking, cleaning and maintenance, in which we have become the market leaders.

In the parking sector, our Company operates numerous automated parking facilities, which we maintain via computerized control systems and closed circuit video cameras, and which are controlled by a center that is active 24/7 in Jerusalem and the center of the country. The most prominent ones are the Ben Gurion Airport parking lots which include in excess of 17,000 parking spaces (from 02/2010 through 03/2016), the Jerusalem Municipality’s parking lots, hospital parking lots, the Royal Beach Hotel’s parking lot in Tel Aviv (a member of the Isrotel chain), etc. In addition, our Company operates many commercial parking lots in the center of Jerusalem, some of which are owned by us and others which are under long term leases. Currently, we are operating and responsible for in excess of 4,000 parking spaces.

Yamit has all of the know-how, experience and tools that are required to renovate, upgrade and establish parking lots at international standards, which includes repairing concrete pavement, epoxy coating in a variety of finishes, marking of parking booths and accessible parking spaces, and traffic signs and directions as well as the installation of smart and cost-effective lighting and smart parking direction systems (“red-green”) and advanced digital signs. Our Company has a fleet of tow trucks which supply towing and rescue services for municipal bodies, and until recently also for the Airports Authority at the entire site of Ben Gurion Airport.

In the security sector, our Company provides its services to major institutional bodies such as the Hadassah Hospitals at Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus, the Beit Avichai Association, and in the past, also for the Jewish Agency, and was responsible for the establishment, management and operation of the security unit of the public transportation in Jerusalem at the beginning of the 2000s. All of this, among other things, through the security and control center (Seeing and Hearing) which is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and site inspectors and patrols.

Yamit specializes in the planning, designing and installation of closed circuit camera systems (from private homes to industrial plants and commercial sites) while making use of the best technological means available in today’s market, the planning, designing and installation of wired and wireless alarm systems, the planning and installation of advanced analog and digital two -way communications systems (intercoms) (VOIP), the planning and design of WLAN and LAN communication and computer networks, etc.

In the cleaning sector, our Company provides its services to major and leading international hi-tech institutions in the market. Among our customers in this sector can be found Intel Israel, at its offices around the country (development centers in Haifa, Yakum, Petah Tiqwa and Jerusalem) as well as at its production facility in Kiryat Gat. Also among our customers in the cleaning sector are Facebook Israel, Stratasys, JLL etc.

Our expertise is in providing cleaning services prior to occupation and cleaning during construction and renovations. In addition, beside every “routine” project, Yamit has the ability to respond and react quickly and efficiently to any challenge via an assortment of instruments, preparations and cleaning machines, for any surface, at any site and at any time.

We currently employ over 700 workers, all of whom are people of action, at a wide variety of sites, in various positions and sectors, all around the country. We are proud to collaborate with the SHEKEL - Community Services for People with Special Needs organization, the leading NGO in Israel for integrating people with special needs, through which are integrated into Yamit, with full equality, employees with various handicaps and disabilities. We are currently located in a three-story building designated for preservation at 8 Rabbi Akiva St. in Jerusalem, which is owned by us and underwent a comprehensive restoration and renovation which we carried out.

We at Yamit believe that the most important thing is to remember that at the end of every project imposed on us, large or small, there are the end-customers, the ordinary people, that in their daily routine encounter our achievements for a fleeting moment: the security guard at the entrance of a building, the cleaning and maintenance people at the office, the attendant at the parking lot at his workplace, the customer service system on the telephone or email, while speaking on an intercom with the service representatives at the control center or in a meeting with any of the Company’s supervisors and managers. Our experience also indicates that none of this could exist without devotedly maintaining and special observance of our employees’ rights, without any exception, and an ongoing concern for their welfare.

That is the engine of our growth and success and that of our customers.