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Yamit’s Covenant

Workplace Safety

Our employees and their environment are important to us, no less than carrying out the mission and responding to the customer’s requirements. This is the reason why we at Yamit conduct a zero tolerance policy and are uncompromising in maintaining safety rules at work, by the close guidance of the person in charge of safety in every segment and in every project. Periodic training and refresher courses, exercises and continuing education in the field and, of course, thinking out of the box beyond that which is required. That is the maximum which our customers require from us. This is the minimum that we require of ourselves.

Professionalism and employee training

It is easy to say that the more than 30 years of experience are the best teacher that the Company could demand of itself, but there is something additional in our DNA: the desire to learn and gain expertise. We at Yamit invest formidable resources every year in training our employees, professional courses, continuing education in Israel and abroad, experimentation in developments and new materials, adopting new technologies, etc.

Employee Welfare and Preserving Their Rights

Nice words are still only nice words. In the field, only work speaks and our people in the field are those who speak on our behalf and represent us. If not for our devoted employees, we would not succeed in becoming the company we currently are. We believe that in order to succeed and to reach new achievements, we first of all need to hold on to and cultivate that which exists. Therefore, we at Yamit do a lot beyond what is possible in order to preserve the rights of our employees, their welfare and a safe, pleasant and challenging work environment.