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Success Story

High-tech Cleaning

Whether we are speaking of young start-up companies or major large international companies, every high-tech company requires peace of mind and zero dealing with matters not concerning the sector in which it is engaged, in order to concentrate on what is really important to its employees. It is exactly this in which Yamit excels.

Several years ago we designated a goal for Yamit’s cleaning division - to achieve the highest levels of performance that currently exist in the cleaning sector, with flexibility, diligence, as an immediate response to any unconventional event or project and at prices without competition. Our Company currently provides a variety of cleaning services to the major and leading companies in the world operating in Israel, among them the chip manufacturer Intel in its offices around the country (Haifa, Petah Tiqwa, Yakum, Jerusalem) and as well as at the manufacturing plant at Kiryat Gat, Facebook Israel and its offices on Rothschild Blvd. in Tel Aviv, Stratasys in Rehovot, etc.

All of which was undertaken with uncompromising preservation and precision of safety principles and procedures at every site and every type of job through training, courses, continuing education with the close guidance of an external person responsible for safety, and no less important, while also cultivating our workforce and maintaining their rights.