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Parking Construction Consulting

For many entrepreneurs and contractors, a parking lot is "just" a place where vehicles are stored. However, the reality is very different, and in fact, the parking lot has influences and implications on the way in which the property above it or near it will be managed and operated, and no less important – on everything in its surroundings. Years of doing in the world of parking lots have contributed to the vast experience of our company in this field, from maintenance and management, through upgrade and renovation, to planning a parking lot on all of its details. We have all the knowledge, tools and human capital in order to plan an underground or aboveground parking lot, private or commercial, in an efficient and economical manner, yielding to its owners while meeting all the safety and licensing requirements of the various authorities and relevant bodies. 

Considerations and solutions

when designing parking lots

On the one hand, the parking lot is supposed to provide convenient and available parking solutions to the users, while providing a pleasant experience that will create a positive first impression about the owners of the place and the nearby businesses. On the other hand, our parking consultants and traffic consultants will direct the planning work so it will create as many parking spaces for vehicles as possible, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal and governmental bodies, in order to maximize the benefit and profit for the owners of the parking lot. All this while ensuring the proper flow of traffic in accordance with the traffic laws, as well as the use of mechanical and technological aids, designated for parking lots and make the parking lot a convenient, pleasant and welcoming experience time after time. 

Therefore, the construction of parking lots is a masterpiece that requires a thorough and creative expertise, which makes it possible to make the best use of different angles and sizes in the parking spaces, such as diagonally or horizontally, for smaller and larger vehicles, in a uniform module or with differences. All this, while taking into consideration the accessibility requirements and various aspects of the place, such as the exit and entry complex, the width of the internal roads, the characteristics of the users and potential future changes, and the specific instructions of the authorities involved. 

Meeting all the needs of the parking lot

When planning a parking lot, a variety of other aspects related to safety, ease of use, security, aesthetics and more, need to be addressed. Yamit Parking Lots provides its customers with solutions for all of these aspects, including marking parking spaces, painting walls and ceilings, marking paths and road signs and installing the required infrastructures, such as smart digital signage, communications, lighting, fire distinguishers, alarms and security cameras. This is in addition to a variety of sophisticated and advanced systems that streamline the ongoing and economical operation of the parking lot, such as smart lighting, advanced parking direction, and control and automation systems.  

For more information about the planning and construction of parking lots, please contact our representatives by phone on: 02-5899555.