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Parking Managing and Operating

The parking lot is almost always the place where its users get their first impression of your property. Whether it is a hotel parking lot intended for guests staying in the hotel or for those attending conventions or business meetings at the hotel, a reserved and designated parking lot for tenants of a residential building, a parking lot of a medical center or a hospital, or a commercial parking lot used for recreation and business – in the absence of an efficient and accessible public transportation, your parking lot has an important and most significant role right from the start of your relationship with your customers.

For this mission precisely, Yamit Company has gained vast experience of about 30 years in the field of parking.

Operation of parking lots

Our company specializes in parking lots of any type, size or location and for any purpose by means of a complete, professional and comprehensive system, which provides end-to-end solutions that perfectly meet all the needs of the parking lot's users: security personnel, field inspectors, a control and monitoring center staffed 24/7 all year round, customer services and more.

Parking lots Management

For us, the management of parking lots is no less important mission than the way we operate the parking lots, since beyond our comprehensive care of the parking lots' users (management of subscribers and residents, control, support and service at real time and more) – we find it important to provide the owner of the property the peace of mind and the ability to focus on what really matters and to allow us to handle and interact with the many factors related to the management of every parking lot: municipal authorities, sanitation, electricity, water, fire department and more.

Parking lots Maintenance 

Like everything important in life, parking lots need an ongoing professional and responsible maintenance with much love and care. For our company, this is the base for all of our maintenance system, which ensures over the years the preservation of the hard and expensive works involved in the construction and operation the parking lot. This is done by management of cleaning staffs on a regular basis, as well as handling complex and thorough cleaning tasks, including, among others, the use of designated washing machines for all types of surfaces (epoxy, smoothed concrete, asphalt, etc.). However, maintenance works do not end with cleaning – our company has the ability to provide immediate response to any malfunction or project in construction, plumbing, electricity, computing, communication, etc.