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Parking Upgrades and Renovation

finding a parking space no longer has to be a difficult, frustrating or unpleasant task. Our past experience has proven to us, and to thousands of our customers, how powerful the effect is on the way the parking lot looks and functions when you arrive at work in the morning or just go out for fun. From this experience, we at Yamit know exactly how to turn any parking lot - new or old - into an inviting, pleasant, efficient, practical and, of course, profitable place for its owners.

Yamit specializes in providing a comprehensive response in every parameter that can be upgraded and optimized in any parking lot:

  • Planning, consulting and construction of commercial or private parking complexes.
  • Planning and execution of laying communication infrastructure, electricity, lighting, cameras, alarms, fire detection and more.
  • Design, installation and implementation of control and automation systems, including barriers and automatic payment machines and LPR systems for photographing and identifying license plates.
  • Restoration and upgrading of concrete floors in preparation for epoxy painting in a variety of shades and finishes, as well as all the paint work accompanying the parking lot (walls, "exhaust strips", road markings, signage and more).
  • Planning, installation and operation of smart parking guidance systems - PGS - Parking Guidance Systems - ("Red-Green"), which also include smart and designed digital signage.
  • Design, installation and operation of LED-based smart lighting systems, and unique motion sensors for huge savings in electricity and preservation of the environment.
  • Design, installation and operation of camera systems with IP technology and HD quality, which allow control from any mobile device and/or from the company's control center.